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See our overwhelming track record of performance

How have so many people succeeded in just two months?

Members of BODIK continue to achieve results within just two months. When they first joined, the majority of these people’s biggest concern was that they couldn’t stick to a diet/workout by themselves.

What makes BODIK better for succeeding at your new weight loss plan?

Simple: weight loss professionals give you support to let you enjoy losing weight in an ongoing, easy fashion.

Effective weight loss plans require proper exercise and dietary control.

BODIK recognizes that you won’t get results if you try to force it or if you employ the wrong technique — you’ll just rebound.

That is why we are here to support each member one-on-one with proven, effective, and sustainable weight loss techniques.

Above all, the key is that you will receive personalized advice from professional trainers on your diet and lifestyle habits, letting you maintain your motivation for two months.

Simply keeping up the proper weight loss regimen for two months achieves the amazing success rate of 95%*.

(Based on statistical data by BODIK)


BODIK has a proven track record of training over 1,500 people. We are here to alleviate your concerns about your new diet and weight loss regimen.

First, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free counseling session.

It may comes as a surprise, but you mustn’t fast during a weight loss regimen.

Many think losing weight means putting tough dietary restrictions on yourself.

However, if you reduce the quantity and calories you eat by too much, your basal metabolism will drop, and you will be prone to rebounding.

At BODIK, we focus not on dietary restriction, but on adjusting the content of your meals. We coach you on how to obtain a healthy body.

Our approach is completely different from popular fad diets where you have to fast to restrict calorie intake.



Thus far, we have helped 1,500 people worldwide get their ideal physiques.





So, what does it cost?

BODIK offers first-rate personal training services tailored to each patron, letting them get their ideal physique. We offer these at rates more affordable than Japan’s established gyms, while in no way compromising quality



Patrons are raving about this package.

Tan Wen Shi  (39)

“The reason I didn’t give up until I finished the course is that I started to get results from my training and diet. My weight dropped and my body size become smaller and even my medical check up have good progress. Before I trained with BODIK, I never get normal bone mineral density results. I got a very professional trainer who motivated me to achieve my goals and all my friends and colleagues have noticed the changes in my body size.  This makes me feel good and motivate me more to continue training.”


Junior Lim (38) (fashion Stylist)

“After 2 months, my arms are firmer, more toned… and the most happy thing is I lost my tummy.”



“I joined the program to get a healthier body and to slim down.After I took the program I’m living different living lifestyle.The trainer was very patient and he know all the different technic to keep me healthier and made me exercise at home”


Takagi Kana(45)

“At first my husband said , you can do it by yourself at our condo gym. If I could, I would have done it a long time ago. I knew I couldn’t do workout by myself. I don’t like exercise…That’s why I decided to join BODIK.

I didn’t make any special effort, I just enjoyed working out. My son told me that I became pretty -that made me very happy.”

Make this the last weight loss technique

you’ll ever need.

It’s not just a members-only gym that you go to when the mood strikes you. This is a full-fledged package where we support each member in achieving their goals.To succeed in dieting and not rebound, you have to change your fundamental lifestyle habits.It’s not just a members-only gym that you go to when the mood strikes you. This is a full-fledged package where we support each member in achieving their goals.

BODIK recognises this, so we focus on clients’ lifestyle patterns, with our pros giving you daily advice so that you can make real change.

The basic packages starts at two months because it takes at least that amount of time to change ingrained behaviours.

In other words, what BODIK offers is not a one-time diet, but a method of lifelong self-control.In each session, we share a range of tips on getting the right physique and offer you full support. This ensures that you will see dramatic results during the session, and learn a lifelong strategy for self-control by the time you graduate.

“This time, I’m determined to lose weight!”

“I want a stylish body, but I don’t have time to diet!”

“I can’t stay motivated when working alone!”

Does that sound like you? If so, our experienced Japanese team of coaches is here to lend you their full support. Don’t fret alone–we’re in this together.

Don’t hesitate to apply for a free counseling session.

We look forward to meeting you at our shop.


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Say no more to weight loss programs that are all about “no pain, no gain” or “grinning and bearing it.”
With full support from professionals, you can succeed! 
With full support from professionals, you can succeed!’


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